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Our 3-5MP DVR's can use TVI and AHD formats, giving you a wide variety of camera choices.


Our DVR's come in 4,8 and 16

channels and have the ability for you to choose the hard drive size that best fits your needs.


Easy to upgrade with your existing wiring

3-5MP Cameras

Monitech offers Domes, Bullets, Box and specialty HD cameras.

All cameras are avalible with many different night vision LED options. Cameras are available with fixed and vari-focal lenses.


Our cameras are a perfect match to our many HD DVR's.

Hybrid DVR

Our hybrid DVR lets you use Analog, AHD, TVI and IP cameras

all on the same DVR. You can mix and match the cameras you want to use for specific areas of view. You can choose any size hard drive that best fits your needs. DVR comes in 4,8 and 16 chanels.

Easy to upgrade with your existing wiring.




IP Cameras

Our NVR's are for full IP camera systems. Depending on your MP requirements, that will determine  the type of NVR you will need. Rest assured we can provide a NVR from 4 to 64 channels.


We customize your NVR to meet your needs.

PTZ Cameras

Monitech provides all connectors and fittings needed to complete your installation in a professional manner. No matter what your needs are you can rest assured MONItech has you covered. We stock power supplies, routers, wire, BNC, networking items and anything else you may need.  

License Plate

Our IP Cameras come in a wide selection of styles. From Domes, Bullets, Box and Cubes. We carry a vast line of IP cameras from

1.3MP to 12MP. Whatever your need is we have you covered.


Our IP cameras are designed to work best with our NVR's.

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras come with a vast array of functions. If you need a

10X zoom or 50X zoom we have it. If you need night vision or low light, we got you covered.


We offer PTZ cameras in Analog, 1080P and IP.

When wanting to capture license plates, you will need a camera designed to do just that. A normal camera will not allow for the reflective light from the license plate. Our special LPR camera is all you need to capture tags on entry and exit.


LPR's are availble in Analog, 1080P and IP.