ALARM: VISTA 15 & 20

Program New Maser Code:

1. Enter current master code + 8 + 02 + new code twice


Program New User Code:

1. Enter current master code + 8 + user number (03-13) + new Code


Delet a User Code:

1. Enter current master code + 8 + User number + # + 0


Turn Chime On or Off:

1. Enter code + 9




The Lynx Touch is menu driven. Go to bottom of home screen

and hit more, then Tools, Enter your MASTER code, then user, then follow prompts to change, add or delete codes. Make sure you hit save and done.  


2 GIG Go Control:


The 2GIG is menu driven. Hit the home button on your keypad, then security, then menu, then tool box, Enter MASTER code, then user management, then follow promts to change, add or delete codes. Hit home button to return. 



                            (561) 383-6551



    For Alarm Service only after 5PM EST: 800-447-9239




                   DVR And Camera TIPS:


Default user name for most of our DVRS:  admin

Default Password for most of our DVRS:  123456



If a Power failure occures or your system is not acting correctly UN-PLUG DVR for 30 Seconds and plug back in. You may need to log back in with your user name and password. 


The phone app for most of our DVRS is Socatch. Go to your phones store and download the app. You will need to enter the settings into your new phone. Write them down or copy information from another person that currently has the app installed on their phone. 


If you change your modem or router you will need to have your new equipment set back up. If you are computer savy write information down and load back in to your new device. If you need MONItech to do this call for service at 561-383-6551


To Search Video make sure you are logged in, right click on page, select time search, select day in calander, and time at bottom of page, then click the play arrow to view video. To exit click the X in the  box, then hit close to go back to live.


Back up Video. Log in, right click, select back up, click "from" on right, click on it to select date and time then click on the check mark. Beneth the from date and time, enter the "to" date and time, then click the check mark. Select the cameras you want to back up, click calculate, click on drop down and select where you want video to go (USB is best) then hit back up